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Football Analyst Jesse Palmer Offers Sweet Tailgating Tips

(ARA) – With football season in full swing, fans across the country are arriving early to show their team spirit before kick-off. In fact, Tailgating.com reports that 46 percent of fans will tailgate at least six times this year. Football analyst Jesse Palmer is serving up his best tips for a successful tailgate, including sweetening the pre-game ritual with S’mores – The Official Dessert of Tailgating.

“We all know that tailgating is synonymous with football, but not everyone knows that having the right dessert can make or break your tailgate,” said Palmer, current ESPN College GameDay analyst. “S’mores can be easily made on the grill, making it the perfect game day treat.”

Here are some of Palmer’s top tips for a sweet tailgate:

* Grab a spot early – Leave ample time to secure a spot on the tailgating grounds and arrive no later than 90 minutes before kick-off. The closer you are to game time, the more likely you will be caught in game day traffic, which will impact tailgating plans.  

* Have the right equipment – Just as players need proper pads and helmets on the field, tailgaters need proper cooking equipment! Portable grills, coolers, aluminum grilling utensils and storage for leftovers are a must for tailgate season.  Make sure to use separate coolers for food and beverages to avoid any confusion.

* Don’t forget the dessert – A great meal with friends and family ends with dessert, and tailgating is no exception! S’mores are easy to make by using the “build it, wrap it, grill it” preparation method. Simply build S’mores using Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars, Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows and Honey Maid Graham Crackers, wrap in aluminum foil and grill them for 1 to 2 minutes on each side over a medium hot grill.

* Bring the entertainment – Fans often tailgate for several hours on game day, so make sure there are plenty of activities for the group. Popular games such as corn-hole (bean bag toss), washers and ladder toss are perfect for tailgating festivities, and be sure to have a radio or MP3 player on hand to get everyone excited for kick-off!