A handy selection of calculators to help in many aspects of the home, yard, and garden. Find the calculator you want to use by reading the descriptions in the right column, then click on the calculator name in the left column to use the desired calculator.

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AcresCalculate acres based on the length and width in feet of an area.
MulchCalculate how much mulch or compost you need based on the length,
width, and depth of the area to be covered.
ConcreteCalculate the yards of concrete needed for a project based on the
length, width, and thickness desired.
Daily Energy ExpenditureCalculate how many calories you burn in a day based on your
Weight (lbs.), Height (in.), Age, and Sex.
Body Mass IndexCalculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on your
height and weight.
BricksCalculate the number of bricks needed for a project based on the length
and height desired. Factor in the linear height of corners and a round up percentage.
Centimeters to FeetCalculator to convert centimeters to feet. Formula: 1 centimeter = .03281 feet
Centimeters to InchesCalculator to convert centimeters to feet. Formula: 1 inch = 0.393700787 inches
Flooring CostCalculate the cost of flooring material for a project based on the cost per square
foot of the flooring, and the square footage of the room or area.
Health Insurance CostCalculate your cost of health insurance. Fill in the fields for average number
of annual Doctor’s office visits, annual cost of in network care, annual cost
of out of network care, monthly health insurance premium, health insurance
copay, health insurance plan deductible, percentage that you are responsible
to pay for out of network benefits, health insurance plan out of network
deductible, and health insurance plan maximum out of pocket cost.
LoanCalculate the total cost of a loan by entering in the amount of the loan, length
of the loan (in months), and the loan monthly interest rate.
Loan PaymentCalculate loan payment based on formula: PMT( Interest Rate, Number of
Payments, Loan Amount, 0)
Material NeededCalculate how many yards of material (ex. mulch, gravel, top soil, etc.) you
need for a given job based on the width of the area, length of the area, and
the depth of the area.
Pounds to OuncesCalculator to convert pounds to ounces. Formula: Ounces = Pounds * 16
Premix ConcreteCalculate how many 40 lb, 60 lb, or 80 lb bags of premix concrete you will
need to buy for a project. Just enter the desired height, width, and thickness
of your concrete project.
Sales TaxCalculate the sales tax, and the total purchase price for any item. Enter the
total purchase amount and the sales tax percentage.
Square Feet to Square YardsCalculator to convert square feet to square yards. Very useful when
shopping for carpet, linoleum, or tile, which are typically sold by the square
yard, and you have the dimensions of a room or area in square feet.
Temperature ConversionCalculator to convert any temperature in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin to
your desired temperature measurement system.
TileCalculate how many tiles you will need based on the size of the tile and
the square footage of the area you are tiling.
TV Viewing DistanceCalculate the minimum viewing distance for the optimal TV viewing
experience for any size television. Great for when you are TV shopping
and wondering how big of a TV you should get based on your room size
and how far away from the TV you will be sitting.
Weight LossCalculate how many pounds you need to lose and how many calories
you need to burn in order to lose those pounds based on your current
weight and your desired weight.

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