I developed a love of gardening as a youth while planting gardens, trees, and shrubs with my parents and grandparents.

Rick Bickling
Rick Bickling
I’ve been able to pass this on to my own children and have been designing, planting and maintaining landscapes and gardens for my family and friends for over 30 years.

As a Master Gardener, I’ve come to realize that the more you learn about gardening, the more you still don’t know. My desire and willingness to continue learning, and then to share this knowledge with others, enables me to present information that is useful to people not just in Austin but throughout the country.

I created the How Do Gardener website as an on-line community where people of all experience levels can ask questions, find answers, share opinions, and maybe learn something unexpected about gardening.

Whether you garden for fun, profit, relaxation, or survival, The How Do Gardener is here to help.

As my grandfather used to say to friends, family, and strangers alike in greeting them, “How Do!”

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  1. Rick, This looks great! We will follow your site and keep up to date. I hope you will be able to help a lot of people . This will be helpful to us in AZ because our soil is either sandy or rock hard. Your pictures and instructions are very clear and helpful.

  2. I need to learn what it means when Gardeners speak of acidity and PH. balance in the soil. I’ve been told I can take a soil sample to my County Agriculture Dept. and they can tell me. I would like to lean how this is done witha home care kit. I live in So.Fla. so most of our dirt is sand. I’ve added some soil but think I need more. I’ve mixed top soil from my depot store but it get too expencesive were the cost of the garden doesn’t yeild enough fruit to justify planting. Other than the Joy one gets watching those little seeds break the earth and then grow, one can not put a price on. My goal is to be able to buld up the soil and not have to pay for “Good” Dirt. We can go to our County Waste Authority and get mulch and Human Manure. They tell me it’s safe to use but it still smells like, well you know, not pleasant. I am trying to compost and wonder if different leaves (like Oak) decompose differently. They don’t seem to be doing well. I’m committed to getting the most out of a small lot I have. I just need to find good dirt for the plants to thrive. Thanks for listening.. 🙂 dupree

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