A Complete Guide to Planting and Growing Carrots with step by step instructions on Seed Preparation, Soil Preparation, Planting, Fertilizing, Watering, Weed Control, Insects, Diseases, Harvesting and Storing. Includes a detailed listing of State Specific Recommended Varieties and Planting Dates.

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  1. I was going to crank up my Mantis to put a garden in this fall. The darn thing wouldn’t start. First, my neighbor told me to put the switch to 0 not l . He said it would be ON. After reading the instructions I learned o was off and l was ignition. Back to pullin on that dern cord. No luck. I checked the new gas it was the right mix. I check the air cleaner and it looked good. I had been pullin the choke so we took out the spark plug and it was wet so we waited until it dried out. Tried again. Nothing. Next stop was the fuel filter in the tank. BINGO!! when I tried to get it out of the tank I noticed it had a crack in it and it broke as I gentley eased it out of the tank. I got on the PC and ordered a kit for the fuel system. I had to order a primer bulb too cause all the priming cracked the bulb. They said I’d have it in a week. I can’t wait. Iam going on a Heart Healthy Diet. Wish me luck and God Bless Everyone !! 😉 dupree

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