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On Valentine’s Day, Tradition Beats Tech for your Sweetheart’s Gift

(ARA) – Like most things in modern life, romance has gone online. People update their love lives by setting their status to “in a relationship,” “engaged” or “it’s complicated” and online dating is now as common as getting set up by friends – if not more so. However, when it comes to telling your special someone how you feel about them on Valentine’s Day, think traditional, rather than digital.

On a holiday that celebrates our most genuine feelings, the world of online greetings lacks important personal connections. In fact, a recent survey, conducted on behalf of premium Swiss chocolatier Lindt, showed the majority of women (57 percent) like to receive traditional gifts on Valentine’s Day, such as chocolates or flowers.

However, it’s important to remember that you should buy carefully. Pay attention to the quality of the items you give, make a connection with your loved one’s favorite things, and your gifts will be as unique and special as the person who is receiving them.

Keep these ideas in mind as you shop for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day:

Handwritten Cards
What could be more meaningful than a heartfelt expression of love? Whether you’re telling a family member you’re thankful for his or her love over the years, or detailing all the ways you love your significant other, taking the time to carefully craft a note just for that person is a great idea. You can be sure they’ll treasure it. If you need some inspiration, consider choosing a photo of you with the person you’re writing to and telling them about your good memories of when the picture was taken.

Make your gift stand apart by putting a little added thought into it. Start by choosing premium chocolate, like Lindt, which is made with the finest ingredients and is sure to be the perfect gift option for everyone on your Valentine’s Day list. Secondly, think carefully about the preferences of the person you’re giving the gift to. If your spouse loves traditional flavors, such as milk chocolate, give him one of Lindt’s LINDOR Gift Hearts, which are filled with smooth-melting truffles. And since the survey revealed the majority of women wish a “Happy Valentine’s Day” to friends and family in addition to their significant other, don’t forget to surprise them with something special as well. Consider giving your mom or dad a seasonal bag of truffles with flavors such as Lindt’s limited-edition milk chocolate with a white chocolate center. And surprise a friend or co-worker with a ready-to-gift option, like a LINDOR Mini Gift Heart, which is a great choice.

The idea of giving jewelry might seem confined to a man giving a gift to a woman. But actually, anyone can give and receive jewelry – you might just need to adjust your thoughts on what falls into that category. For example, a handsome watch or playful cufflinks that perfectly match your man’s style can be a great gift. Husbands shopping for their wives can often feel overwhelmed by the amount of style options available, but taking a creative approach to shopping can make it easier to find just the right thing. Take some snapshots of her favorite pieces on your phone and bring them along to the jewelry store. Together with a sales assistant, use the photos to pick out something that will suit her perfectly.

Skip the basic blooms and put a bit more thought into any bouquet you give. Think about the recipient’s favorite colors – you don’t necessarily have to go with pink and red just because those are emblematic of the holiday. If you’re stumped for which flowers to buy for your mother, ask your dad whether he knows her favorite blooms, or ask a florist to help you choose flowers with special meanings.

Of course, you can feel free to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on your sweetheart’s “wall,” but giving a heartfelt, timeless gift will make the holiday one to remember. For more classic gift ideas, visit Lindt.com.