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Tomato Time Planting Tips


A Complete Guide to Planting and Growing Tomatoes with step by step instructions on Seed Preparation, Soil Preparation, Planting, Fertilizing, Watering, Weed Control, Insects, Diseases, Harvesting and Storing. Includes a detailed listing of State Specific Recommended Varieties and Planting Dates.

One of my earliest childhood memories comes from a time when the milk, the bread, and, where I grew up, the potato chips, were delivered to your front doorstep. It was a time when the local grocery store only had fresh produce that was locally grown and was currently in season. Apples from China, or lettuce from Chile were about as common as carrots from the Moon. For me, that meant a long cold winter waiting and longing for the first fresh homegrown tomato of the season. Once that first tomato was ripe, we’d carefully pick it, wash it, and cut it into thick slices that were lovingly placed between two pieces of white bread with nothing more than just some mayonnaise, salt and pepper. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

No home vegetable garden is complete without a good crop of tomatoes. The tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a warm-season crop and one of the most popular, and easily grown, vegetables in the country. Once you’ve tasted a fresh picked tomato from your own garden, you’ll wonder what those bland, waxy, tasteless red orbs are that you’ve been getting from your grocery store produce section.

I don’t think I can really do too much to bring back the good old days of milk and bread being delivered to your front door. But, by following the tips in our upcoming E-book, you should be able to enjoy that first fresh tomato from your garden in about 60 to 80 days from when you plant your transplantw. So, get out there, get a hold of some tomato transplants, and plant them during your specific planting dates. Enjoy your gardening and enjoy your harvest.