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Tips for Storing Summer Clothes During the Winter Months

(ARA) – As the hot, sunny weather of summer fades into memory, the crisp autumn nights and falling leaves signal a change of season. For some parts of the country, this change means entertaining outdoors is finally bearable, while in others, people begin to dig out the sweaters and scarves. It takes time to sort through piles of shorts, T-shirts and sandals to find warm, comfy pieces. So, this year put the warm-weather clothes away now and store them safely for use next spring and summer.

Having an organized closet makes life easier – both in the morning rush to get out the door and also when trying to find something fabulous for a special occasion.

Digging through shoes or clothes that are not appropriate for cooler weather hinders efficiency and can be frustrating. Use a second closet or plan to store summer clothing in the garage or attic. Follow a few simple tips to ensure clothing comes out of storage next spring in ready-to-wear shape.

* Before storing an item, make sure you will wear it again next year. If it does not fit, is worn out or has lost its fashion appeal, place the shirt, shorts or other clothing item into a “donate” or “throw-away” pile.

* Look over the pieces that will go into storage. Fix buttons or hem lengths now. Then, wash or dry clean everything – make sure the pockets are empty.

* Inventory all clothing and shoes. This will help determine how many storage bags or containers will be needed. Clear plastic containers make it easy to see what is inside, while space-saving plastic bags that allow excess air to be removed can hold bulkier items. Take advantage of seasonal sales to ensure the best price. More money saved now means more money available to spend on the wardrobe later.
* When storing in containers, place a dryer sheet between clothing items to help keep them smelling fresh when brought out of storage in the spring.

* Be mindful of the garment bags and paper products used to store or wrap up fabrics. Plastic dry cleaner bags do not allow fabric to breathe and some papers are acidic, which can cause your clothing to yellow over time.

* To help clothes retain their shape until next spring, carefully fold each item and stack with the heaviest items on bottom. To prevent unnecessary wrinkling, avoid stuffing the pile into the container.

* Keep bugs from snuggling in for the winter and damaging clothing. When the temperatures are low, we are not the only ones spending more time indoors. Insects make there way into your home through cracks and crevices to ride out the cold. Protect any items placed in storage from these home invaders with Ortho Home Defense MAX Perimeter & Indoor Insect Killer. Apply per directions for use by simply spraying a barrier around the exterior perimeter of the home to help keep pests out. Also apply indoors to the perimeter of any storage areas. Doing so will provide up to 12 months of control indoors for listed insects.

* Mice can also harm stored clothing by shredding and staining fabrics. Place Ortho Home Defense Max No Touch Bait Stations along the walls of the basement, attic or garage to protect belongings from possible mouse infestations. These stations are pre-filled so there’s no need to touch the bait.

Proper storage of clothing during the winter months will lead to fewer headaches when it is time to unpack. Following these simple steps can help avoid the frustration of a wardrobe overhaul due to damaged clothing next spring.